Volume Correctors

Volume Correctors

PTZ Volume Correctors

    CMK-03 is a modern, high-class battery-powered metering and billing device that fully meets the requirments of MID directives. It combines unique necessities and experience gained from device sales in global markets. This device is designed to be used for gas measurement, pressure reduction and measuring stations. It can work with any gas meter(e.g. rotor, turbine, ultrasonic) that provides information about the measured volume in pule form. CMK-03 is a battery-powered main corrector with external power supply. Installed batteries provide continuous and without maintenance measurement and data recording for a minimum of 6 years. 

CMk-03 is a type 1 gas volume convertor, in other words pressure and temperature convertor, a complete measurement system equipped with alogarithms for converting the pule/volume input from gas meter and the measured gas volume to Vb (normal) baseline conditions.

CMK-03 includes many additional inputs necessary for technological, measurement and control purposes. Among others, these includes:

LFb, LFc control inputs

Encoder input,

Namur Standard HF transmitter input.

Dual ExtCPC inputs for external CPC-03 technological pressure transmitters,

OUT dual signal outputs,

Dual input signal IN with two IN inputs in Namur standard.

CMk-03 converter is a read and operated via three independent communication ports in the RS-GAZ2 stnadard: COM1 ("Tuchel / OPTO-GAS") and COM2 and COM3 (strip).

It is made of aluminium providing durability, resistance and a high degree of protection IP66/67. The hinged cover with limiter provides easy and convenient access to the ergonomic connection terminals and batteries powering the device.

It has an LCD display with  cover, keyboard, OPTO-GAS port and RS-GAS2(Tuchel) connector. Up to two internal pressure transmitters P1 and P2 are located in the storage base. The P1 converter is also avialable in an external version that is permanently connevted via a cable. Shielded cables at the base of storage are metal glands adapted for mounting, which increase the resistance of the device and circuits to electromagnetic intereference.

CMK-03 is equipped with an LCD display that is readable at any temperature range and an intuitive graphic-text menu. The display backlight is provided by an additional battery, independent of the main batteries of the trimmer.

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