SL Series - Slum Shut Valves

SL Series - Slum Shut Valves

The ‘SL’ series slum shut valves are suitable for low medium and high outlet pressure. The ‘SL’ series slum shut valves are supplied with external sensing lines and are preset for an optional connection to an internal sensing line by the customer. The function of the SL series shutoff valve is to shut off gas flow upstream or dowstream in setting pressure to make the inlet system safe. The valve is closed automatically when the adjustment pressure accidentally exceeds the block set pressure. The valve can only be opened manually and this must only be after the problem that caused the closure is found and eliminated. Slam shut valve with self operated actuation and manual resetting, it is an ideal product for distribution networks or gas used systems SL is suitable for natural gas and all non corrosive gases

Teknik Özellikler / Technical Features
Body, Slum Shut Cover,Associated(PSD) SL serie 25 bar, SLH Serie 50 bar
Type of Fluid Groups 1 and 2
Diameter Threaded 1’’ – 11/2’’ – 2’’ ISO 7/1                         
Flanged DN 25-40-50-65-80-100 PN 16/40  DIN 2263, ISO 7005
Class 150-300-600 RF , according to ANSI B16.5
  on request NPT
Inlet Pressure bPu Threaded Versions16bar, Flanged Versions 25 bar or 50 bar

Body: SL Serie EN-GJS 500, SLH Serie Cast steel ASTM A 352 LCC
Sealing Parts: NBR, Nitril Rubberized canvas with hot pressing
Orifice: StainlessSteel

Operarion Class A
ResponseTime <2 s
Max. Pressure Set Range 35 – 16.000mbar, withdifferantversions
Min. PressureSet Range 10 – 14.000mbar, withdifferantversions
Atm. Relief Connection 1/4’’ tapped
External Impuls Line Ø10mm pipeinterior
Operating Temparature -20°C / +60°C           on request -40°C
Internal Manual By-pass Cg2
Certification Dirctive 2014/68/EU, Standard EN14382:2019

SL Series Slum Shut Valves Catalogue Jun2020(EN-TR)

CE Document, Quality System Approval Certificate 2014/68/EU

EU Design Examination Certificate EN334:2019 - EN14382:2019