CGR-FX series rotary gas meters are electromechanical pressure devices designed to measurement of volume of gas transported by pipeline. Gas meters in the standard version can be installed in locations with potential presence of explosive atmospheres formed as mixtures of gases classified as explosion groups IIA and IIB with air. Special gas meters versions are designed for IIC gas explosion group. Table 1 lists the physical properties of the most common gases and gas mixtures that can be measured with CGR-FX rotary gas meters.

Teknik Özellikler / Technical Features
Pressure Raiting PN16 or ANSI 150
Operating Temparature
-20°C to +60°C  / -4°F to 140 °F                                  
-30°C to +60°C  /-22°F to 140 °F
Meter Size G16 up to G400
Meter Body Aluminium
Rangeability up to 1:250, depending on the meter size
Nominal Diameter DN40 up to DN100
Regulation Class A, Group 2
Flow Rate 0,2 up to 650 m3/h
Measurement Accuracy

EU requirements and better guaranteed at least:

Qt – Qmax < ± 1%

Qmin – Qt < ± 2%

Rotarymetre Katalog (EN)