RL Series - Low Pressure Regulators

RL Series - Low Pressure Regulators

The "RL" series of spring loaded diaphragm controlled balanced valve design regulators are suitable for low and medium outlet pressure. The "RL" series regulators are supplied with internal sensing lines and are preset for an optional connection to an external sensing line by the customer. The special regulator design combined with a balanced valve results in.

* High flow rate coefficient
* High accuracy , even at maximum flow rates
* Reduced response times
* No internal leakage at zero flow rate,
* Periodical maintenance without disassembling the body from the pipework

RL-RLS Series Catalogue JUN.2023 (EN)

RL-RLS Series Catalogue Jun.2023 (RU)

CE Document, Quality System Approval Certificate

EU Design Examination Certificate EN334:2019 - EN14382:2019