Z-P Series - Pilot Loaded Gas Pressure Regulators, Flanged Connection PS:50bar

Z-P Series - Pilot Loaded Gas Pressure Regulators, Flanged Connection PS:50bar

The Z Serie pilot controlled downstream pressure regulator for medium and high pressure applications In addition to supply networks for civil and industrial use, it is also suitable for system installation, especially for natural gas distribution Accuracy of the regulated pressure, high variability ratio, rapid adaptation to changes in operating conditions, the regulator makes the Z Serie suitable for use in gas supply systems of stations although there may be sudden changes in the flow rate Z Serie regulator is classified as a regulator which reacts in closing according to EN 334 : 2019 European standard. (Fail to Close) This is a complete top entry design which provides advantageous operation, such as full maintenance without removing the connecting pipe.

Teknik Özellikler / Technical Features
Desing Pressure, PS 50 bar 5000 kPa 725 PSIG
Inlet Pressure Range, bPu 1 – 50 bar 100 – 5000 kPa 14.5 – 725 PSIG
Type IS
Fail Mode Fail to Close on request Fail to Open
Outlet Pressure Range Wd 1 - 16 bar 100 - 1600 kPa 14.5 – 232 PSIG
Operating Temparature
-20°C to +60°C / -4°F to 140 °F
-30°C to +60°C /-22°F to 140 °F
  on req. -40°C / 40 °F
Accuracy& lock-up pressure(AC-SG) up to AC2.5 / up to SG5    
Lock-up Zone Qmin, Pu / Qmax, Pu = 2,5 / 100    
Type of Fluid Natural gas, Town gas, Propane, Butane, Air, Nitrogen or any non corrosive and filtered dry gases. Group 1,2,3
Diameter DN25-DN40-DN50-DN80-DN100  Class 150-300-600 RF , according to ANSI B16.5 and PN 16/40 according to DIN 2263, (ISO 7005)
Safety Devices Over Pressure Shutoff and Under Pressure Shutoff.   
Options Monitor Regulator, Silencer, Electronic or Pnomatic Remote Control, Flow Limiter, Pilot Heater, Position Transmitter

Z-P Series Regulators with Pilot Catalog Jun.2023 (EN)

Z-P Serisi Technical User Manual JUN.2023 (EN)

CE Document, Quality System Approve Certificate 2014/68/EU

EU Design Examination Certificate EN334:2019 - EN14382:2019

TSE Document, EN334