GH Series - Pmax:50 bar Gas Filters

GH Series - Pmax:50 bar Gas Filters

    Cartridge Gas Filters GH Serie According to 2014/68/EU Directive, EN13445 standard. Type GH Serie cellular gas filters are designed for retaining gas impurities, such as dust, rust and other solid particles, in gas-carrying lines at a defined location. They are mainly used in gas pressure regulating and measuring stations, power plant and upstream of equipment, the function of which would be impaired by contaminants. The filters are suitable for gases in accordance with DVGW Code of Practice G 260 / G 262 and neutral non-corrosivegases. (Other gases on request). According to 2014/68/EU directive.


• High filtration efficiency                     • Wide range of accessories

• Large particle chamber                     • Replaceable cartridge structure

• High flow capability                            • Eco-friendly cartridge

• Outdoor version as standard           • Easy maintenance

                                                                         Teknik Özellikler / Technical Features
Maximum allowable pressure –PS                              25 bar / 50 bar

Allowable temperature –TS⁽¹⁾                                        -10 °C to +60 °C   

Inlet gas temperature                                                   -10 °C to +60 °C

Nominal size –DN                                                           DN25 | DN32 | DN40 | DN50 | DN65 |

                                                                                          DN80 | DN100 | DN125 | DN150

                                                                                          It is possible to produce filters with different inlet

                                                                                          and outlet diameters to order.

Connections⁽²⁾                                                                PN16, PN25, PN40 according to ISO 7005

                                                                                          Class 150-300 RF according to ASME B16.5 and

Filtration efficiency⁽³⁾                                                     Standard 99.9% of particle size > 2 μm
Limit for soiled filter insert                                            ∆pmax = 500 mbar

Explosion protection                                                     Mechanical components of filter do not contain a

                                                                                         potential ignition source, thus do not fall in limits of

                                                                                         ATEX 95 (94/9/EG). (Used electronic accessories

                                                                                         comply with ATEX-demands.)

                              ⁽¹⁾ Low temperature version -40°C: available on request

                              ⁽²⁾ On request for other connection class

                              ⁽³⁾ On request cartridge 5μm and 10μm

GH Series Filter Catalogue

Filter Dimensions

GH Series Catalogue JUN.2023 (RU)

GH Series Filter Technical User Manual JUN.2023 (EN)

CE Document, Quality System Approval Certificate 2014/68/EU

EU Design Examination Certificate EN334:2019 - EN14382:2019